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CAD Files

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3D Files

LSA-72 STP files

LSA-73-S STP files  LSA-73-L STP files

LSA-85 STP files  Pallet Stop

LSA-95 STP files

LSA-105 STP files


LSA-80 STP files

LSA-100 STP files

Zaytran-Linear-actuator-IGES-R1.exe 1.4 MEG

Zaytran-Linear-Actuator-SAT.exe .75 MEG


LSA-80-25-L (2D 29K - LSA15.exe)

LSA-80-25-S (2D 29K - LSA16.exe)

LSA-80-50-L (2D 29K - LSA13.exe)

LSA-80-50-S (2D 29K - LSA14.exe)

LSA-80-75-L (2D 29K - LSA11.exe)

LSA-80-75-S (2D 29K - LSA12.exe)

LSA-80-100-L (2D 29K - LSA9.exe)

LSA-80-100-S (2D 29K - LSA10.exe)

LSA-100-25 (2D 29K - LSA8.exe)

LSA-100-50 (2D 29K - LSA7.exe)

LSA-100-75 (2D 29K - LSA6.exe)

LSA-100-100 (2D 29K - LSA5.exe)


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